Access for ALL!

Pricing for classes is dependent on the number of students, so please contact me directly for group rates.

I also offer a sliding scale for Black, Indigenous & People of Color if desired.

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Private Reiki Sessions

I’ve dedicated space in my home where I regularly see clients.  

Dedicated to energy work each initial session is extended to 90 minutes.

This allows each client the dedicated time to discuss what brings them to Reiki as a healing modality, ask questions and of course time to exchange after the Reiki session.  

I incorporate the use of medicinal grade essential oils, crystals, pendulums, and so much more as each experience is a unique and individualized approach. 

Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

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Private 1:1 Yoga Sessions

One-on-one attention to take a deeper dive into your personal yoga practice.  


Whether you are  exploring yoga for the first time, not ready to be in the studio setting, or are wanting to take your practice to the next level, this is for you!


My loving-kindness approach explores each student’s individual areas of strength and collaboratively creates an approach customized for each individual in areas of exploration or growth.

Natural Herbs

Private Group

& Family


Family Connection Yoga, Beginners Series, New and Full Moon Classes and so much more.

Working with smaller or private groups is such an amazing opportunity to explore new modalities and topics.  

Whether it's chair yoga or the eight limbs of yoga, I love to collaborate with small groups for amazing interaction, practices, and investigating new approaches to yoga and wellness.  

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Full Moon Gatherings

I host full moon gatherings throughtout Spring/Summer on the Beach in Belmar. 

These amazing ceremonies offer clearing of the energetic body, full moon intentions, and practices that end with an amazing Full Moon bathing meditation. 

You can even take a dip in the ocean if you’re up for it.  

Learn More about how your support can help me introduce new offerings to marginalized youth and their communities.


Together we can increase accessibility to wellness and healing modalities for all people.