Alicia is such a warm nurturing person who gives off such a positive and loving vibe. 

-  Sara

All classes are virtual on Patreon.


Classes begin promptly, but showing up late is okay.  Keeping your microphone muted ensures you don’t disturb the practice for your fellow classmates.


Please be sure to bring your water bottle and any props that help further the exploration of your practice (i.e. blocks, straps, blanket/towel).        


Chair Yoga


at 5p EST

on Patreon

This fun take on yoga is an easy way to explore breath, movement and alignment.  Whether you are a seasoned yoga student or are just looking to begin a subtle yoga practice.  This class switches it up week to week, don’t let the chair mislead you.   We explore yoga flows, poses and creating warmth in the body with the amazing support and stability of a chair.  Join us and get ready to explore yoga in a whole new way.

Foundations of Yoga Flow


at 6p EST

on Patreon

This beginner approach explores yoga poses, options, pacing and includes philosophy.  We explore the importance of creating a practice rooted in safety.  Approaching yoga with a beginner's mind is not for beginners alone, all levels are welcomed to connect to fundamentals.  Learning and exploring together, in community.


The Gentle Journey


at 9:30a EST

on Patreon

 A fan favorite, this gentle but warm class is a subtle exploration of movement and alignment.  Guided movement that provides options for mobility and pace that nurtures the individual practice of each student.  Slow and subtle, warm and supportive you are cordially invited to journey with me.

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